Studies show your child’s success in school, in relationships, and in life starts with what they learn before preschool. But imagine if you could help teach them just by playing with toys. That’s the mission of EQtainment. I play Q’s Race to the Top with my son and I love it. You have great conversations, asking them, “What would you do if…?”

-Nicolle Wallace, The View


EQtainment is on a mission to improve emotional intelligence with games designed to help kids read social cues, improve self-motivation and better manage relationships.

-Good Housekeeping


Q’s Race to the Top brings things back to basics. Game night with your family. Conversation with your family. You can sit down for 10 minutes and have this amazing bonding time.

-Vanessa Lachey, King’s Things


Q’s Race to the Top is a great concept and really important. I would think every school would want this game.

-Larry King, King’s Things


EQtainment’s line of toys and games help minimize tantrums, boost impulse control, teach manners and foster communication and leadership skills. All of those things in one little game!

-Cristina Ferrare, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family


Q’s Race to the Top On the Go card game helps kids with their social and emotional skills, feeling identification, self-control, creative thinking, and coordination and balance. It’s an entertaining way to allow kids to express themselves in different ways and is perfect for long trips, car rides and more.


Q’s Race to the Top invites great conversation among parents and kids, making the situations personal. Every teacher should have this game in their classroom!

-Sherry Artemenko, Speech Language Pathologist & Toy Expert,


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